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Yankees Embrace Padel. Filipino Padel Pride. And more.

🎲 P1 Padel Group unveiled its cutting-edge flagship center, P1 Padel Las Vegas, at 1876 S Buffalo Drive, Las Vegas, marking a significant milestone in the sport.

🎲 Las Vegas councilwoman Victoria Seaman inaugurated the center, launching a vibrant Grand Opening week from October 12th to October 13th, featuring skills challenges, try padel sessions, exhibition matches, and guided club tours.

🎲The facility featured eight state-of-the-art courts, a members’ lounge, Cafe74 offering delectable cuisine, and a pro shop stocked with premium gear from brands like Adidas, Wilson, and Nox Europe, enhancing the overall padel experience for enthusiasts.

Even The King came to join the fun! (Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of p1padel Instagram)

Ever wondered what sets padel apart from traditional court sports like tennis, badminton, and squash? Here’s your guide!

  • Explore the modern roots of padel leading to the distinctive experience we know today.

  • Witness the craze that turned Spain into the epicenter of padel, boasting over 20,000 courts and overshadowing tennis, with its popularity rippling globally to countries like the US, Mexico, Argentina, and the UK.

  • Immerse yourself in the essence of padel, a sport thriving on pairs' synergy, where lively doubles matches on compact courts define its dynamic nature, setting it apart from other traditional court sports.

In a whirlwind weekend of Padel action, players at The Sports Haus Connecticut tournament wowed the crowd with their exceptional skills. Juan Arraya and Enrique Rodriguez triumphed in Division 1, their unmatched prowess securing the championship, while Nicolás Palomeque and Maximiliano Rozas displayed remarkable resilience as runners-up. In Division 2, Eduardo Diverio and Josh Silverstein claimed the top spot, with Enrique Flores and Jose Sierra impressively securing the runners-up position.

At the USPA 250 - RCW Padel Open, Mateo Coles and Moose Bayoumy's teamwork led them to victory in Division 1, closely followed by the skilled duo Tales Cunha Dos Santos Silva and Peter Dewitt as runners-up. Division 2 saw Ed Conway and Ben Zink emerge victorious, with Jared Howat and Andrew Clark demonstrating commendable performance as runners-up.

In the fierce competitions of the Real Padel Miami - USPA 100 event, Nicolas Clerc and Raul Ruiz shone in Division 1, securing the championship title, while Gonzalo Trapote and Gian Vallazza exhibited great skill as runners-up. In Division 2, Hernan Mutti and Jorge Pereyra impressed as champions, and Ruben Ruiz Angullo and Jared Finkelstein showcased outstanding gameplay as runners-up. The dedication, sportsmanship, and passion displayed by these players left spectators in awe, underscoring not just their talent but also their love for the game.

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SwingVision’s groundbreaking technology analyzes smartphone videos in real time, offering detailed statistics, personalized coaching tips, video highlights, and more.

SwingVision, the AI-powered tennis coaching marvel, just aced a Series A funding round, raking in a cool $6 million. And guess what? This cash infusion is set to redefine how we play not just tennis but also pickleball and padel, bringing cutting-edge technology to the heart of your game.

SwingVision aims to expand its team, ushering in developers to create top-notch officiating tools and remote coaching capabilities. And here’s the real ace up their sleeve – they’re diving headfirst into other court sports that are gaining momentum, like pickleball and padel.

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In a groundbreaking move last March, Yankee Global Enterprises made waves by announcing their stake in A1 Padel, propelling the iconic baseball franchise into the exciting world of paddle tennis. The enthusiasm behind this move was palpable as owner Randy Levine took the stage during the New York Grand Master, the city’s first-ever professional paddle tennis tournament. Addressing the media, Levine shared his optimism about the sport’s future.

Cayetano, Casao, Olympian EJ Obiena, and footballer Nico Bolzico took to the padel courts in Mandaluyong. Photo courtesy of philstar.com

Padel is making waves in the tropical archipelago of the Philippines. In a groundbreaking move, officials are gearing up to introduce this exciting sport to various provinces in the coming months.

Leading the charge is Philippine Senator Pia Cayetano, a staunch advocate for the sport. With a passionate vision, they plan to expand Padel’s footprint across the country, reaching the lush tropical havens of Baler and Palawan. Their mission? To bring this thrilling sport to the farthest corners of the nation, fostering a grassroots movement.

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Division 2 champs Josh Silverstein and Eduardo Diverio celebrate with their Wilson rackets! 😍😎🎾

Took 👏 it 👏 like 👏 a 👏 champ 👏


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We can guarantee that the romance between F1 and Padel will never, ever end. 🏎️🏎️🏎️

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Get ready to swing into action because this fall is packed with thrilling padel tournaments that will leave you on the edge of your seat! First up, we have the HYDRO FORCE PUEBLA CUP in Mexico City, Mexico, kicking off the excitement on October 30th. Then, the IPADEL - USPA 1000 will light up the courts in Houston, TX, starting November 3rd. But that's not all – mark your calendars for the TAKTIKA PADEL SAN DIEGO - USPA 500, also starting on November 3rd.

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