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  • Vegas Sets the Stage: $21K Up for Grabs at P1 Padel Las Vegas Open!

Vegas Sets the Stage: $21K Up for Grabs at P1 Padel Las Vegas Open!

Reserve Padel's Stylish Pop-Up Elevates Miami's Design District! And More!

🎾 Vegas Welcomes P1 Padel Open: Gear up for the P1 Padel Las Vegas Open, a major sporting event from May 17-19, 2024, promising a spectacular showcase of top-tier padel. With a whopping $21,000 prize pool, the tournament is set to attract the best in the sport to compete under the bright lights of Las Vegas.

🌟 A Gathering of Champions: As a celebrated US Padel Association (USPA) event, this tournament will feature intense matches with professional athletes vying for prize money and crucial ranking points. This premium padel occasion will be hosted at the well-equipped P1 Padel Club, promising an unforgettable experience for players and spectators alike.

📅 Get Involved: Whether you’re an aspiring Padel player or an avid fan, the P1 Padel Las Vegas Open offers something for everyone. Tickets are on sale now, and with the event's high stakes and thrilling atmosphere, securing your spot early is highly recommended to witness padel excellence in one of the most exciting cities in the world.
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This weekend’s POLO CLUB - USPA 500 event was full of exciting matches across several divisions.

  • 1st Division (Men): Fausto Baraldi & Raul Ruiz clinched the win over Andres Nunez Soza & Iker Arizpe, demonstrating exceptional teamwork and strategy.

  • 2nd Division (Men): Mauricio Rivera & Homero Leal, owning the court with tactical precision and coordination, rose to the top, defeating Sebastian Arizola & Jesus Hernandez.

  • 3rd Division (Men): Nick Sutcliffe & Dekel Bar combined aggressive offense with tight defensive plays, with Alvaro Silva Perez & Daniel De La Cruz securing the runner-up position.

  • 1st Division (Women): Mariluz Rojo Domingo & Laura Higueras dominated the division with a blend of speed, power, and strategic net play, proving too strong for their competitors Erika Castillo & Ana Barbara Gonzalez.

The event celebrated outstanding performances and thrilling matches, marking another successful chapter in the USPA series. Read More…

Original image from Reserve Padel

Miami’s Design District has become the latest hotspot for racquet sports enthusiasts by introducing an exclusive Padel pop-up by Reserve Padel. Situated at 75 NE 39th St, this new venue is quickly becoming a community hub for both seasoned players and newcomers eager to dive into the fast-paced world of Padel. Read more here…

Original image from Worl Padel Tour

Padel Tech, a leading name in the Padel industry, is stepping up its game by sponsoring one of the sport’s brightest stars, Coki Nieto. This strategic partnership bolsters Nieto’s prowess on the court and Padel Tech’s commitment to the sport’s professional scene. Read more here…

Get ready, Padel enthusiasts! Balwin Padel, in collaboration with Attacq Limited, is set to revolutionize the Mall of Africa in Waterfall City, Johannesburg, by introducing six new rooftop padel courts, set to open in September 2024. This bold move will feature four covered courts, ensuring the fun never stops, rain or shine. Read more here…

As April winds down, we're ending it with a bang at our Tournament Hub! Don’t miss out on the tail-end thrill of electrifying Padel matches featuring top players where skill truly meets speed. Join us to soak in the vibrant energy of the game and celebrate each point in the climax of this exciting season!

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