Team USA Ready to Defend Title in 2024 Pan Am Padel Series

Miami Padel Club wins PPL Event 1

🏆 Following a stunning victory at last year's Pan American Open in Cancun, the American Padel Federation (APF) has now unveiled an exhilarating lineup for the 2024 Pan American International Tournament. This announcement promises a series of events that will continue to elevate the profile of Padel across the Americas.

🎾 The 2024 tournament series is set to captivate fans with four major events, starting with the Pan American Juniors in Mexico, followed by the Open in Paraguay, the Club tournament in Acapulco, and wrapping up with the Seniors in Argentina. Each event is poised to draw in a wide array of talent, showcasing the best in amateur and professional padel.

🌍 After Team USA's remarkable win last year, anticipation is sky-high for the American squad to defend their title and set new records in the upcoming tournaments. The padel community is buzzing with excitement, ready to witness the next chapter in this fast-growing sport's journey in the Pan American tournaments.
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In a thrilling start to the Pro Padel League 2024, the Miami Padel Club emerged victorious, clinching the championship against the formidable Las Vegas Smash. The victory, celebrated on their home turf, was a moment of pride and joy for the local fans who witnessed their team’s dominance. Read More…

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Shipyard Supply Co. (SSCo.) is developing an exclusive superyacht Padel Court, catering to the desires of a visionary owner of a 110-meter superyacht currently under construction. This innovative addition to yacht amenities sets a new standard for sports and entertainment on the high seas, offering an unparalleled sporting experience to owners and their guests. Read more here…

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In a memorable encounter bridging the world of sports with spirituality and social commitment, Fernando Belasteguín, the Argentinean padel titan often hailed as one of the greatest players in the sport’s history, recently made a poignant visit to the Vatican. Read more here…

Imagine engaging in an energetic padel match against the backdrop of Miami's dazzling skyline, with the promise of refreshing drinks and snacks just a few steps away. This dream is now a reality, thanks to the ambitious vision of Padel X's leadership team, CEO Juan Pablo Leria, and co-founder Nalle Grinda, who have invested a hefty $10 million into bringing the Padel revolution to the U.S. Read more here…

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