Swing for Hope: Padel Battles Brain Cancer at NYC Event

Veterans’ Padel Programs Score Big

🎗️ Reserve Padel and the Glioblastoma Research Organization (GBMRO) are hosting the "Padel for Brain Cancer" event in New York, an engaging tournament aimed at rallying community support for brain cancer research. This heartfelt initiative marks the beginning of Brain Tumor Awareness Month, promising a competitive yet compassionate padel tournament at Hudson Yards.

🏆 The event will feature intense competition with 32 teams battling across two brackets, with prizes like a complimentary scan from Prenuvo and premium padel gear. A sunset cocktail hour will follow, offering a mix of social interaction and celebration, supported by sponsors like Hampton Water Wine Co.

🤝 With the community's participation, the event aims to raise significant funds and awareness for brain cancer research, supporting GBMRO's mission to explore new, groundbreaking treatments for glioblastoma. Each swing, serve, and point scored will contribute towards a noble cause, underlining the power of sports to drive positive change and support vital research efforts.
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The Padel Club Austin hosted an exciting weekend of padel action from May 3 to May 5, featuring the USPA Senior / Junior Championships. In the Women's +30 Senior category, Carolina Robbio and Analia Glatzel clinched victory over Becky Nuss and Cindy Fitz.

The Men's +35 Senior saw Tres Davis and Franco Scialacomo take the top spot, defeating Nicholas Frank and Brian Montez. Additionally, the Men's +55 Senior category was dominated by Larry Pascal and Gabriel Sanchez Iniesta, who emerged victorious against Lamar May and Bryan Taylor. This event showcased a vibrant display of skill and sportsmanship across various age groups.

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Photo courtesy of Military Adaptive Court Sports (MACS)

The United States Padel Association (USPA), in collaboration with Military Adaptive Court Sports (MACS), recently celebrated the achievements of two veteran groups who completed specialized Padel training programs. These programs are designed to leverage the therapeutic benefits of sports to aid in physical and mental recovery for US veterans. Read more here…

Austin, a vibrant city known for embracing new and exciting ventures, welcomed its newest addition to the sports landscape with the grand opening of Padel Club Austin last April 20th. Founded by Andres Osorio, this premier facility marks Austin’s first dedicated Padel venue under the Wilson franchise, boasting an expansive nine-court outdoor complex tailored for the rapidly growing sport. Read more here…

Premier Padel, a global leader in professional Padel tours, and Bullpadel, a top Padel brand, have announced their partnership through the end of the 2026 season. Bullpadel will be the official technical apparel and racket provider for Premier Padel, enhancing both player performance and fan engagement worldwide. Read more here…

The month of May continues with more thrilling Padel matches at our Tournament Hub! Experience the excitement as the month kicks off with top players showcasing their skills in heart-pounding matches. Come and join the dynamic atmosphere, celebrate every point, and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the game as we begin an electrifying season!

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