San Diego Sizzles as USPA Hosts Masters Finals

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🏆 The United States Padel Association (USPA) has announced the USPA Master Finals, a highly anticipated Padel tournament taking place at Taktika San Diego from December 15-17. The event will feature intense competitions with the top 8 teams in both Men’s and Women’s Open divisions vying for a substantial prize pool, with the winners securing $2500 and the runners-up receiving $1250.

🎾 The USPA Master Finals is not exclusive to professional players; it caters to Padel enthusiasts of all skill levels. With divisions for Men's and Women's Second and Third Divisions, as well as a Mixed Doubles category, the tournament emphasizes inclusivity, inviting players from diverse backgrounds to participate and enjoy the competitive Padel experience.

✨ Held at TAKTIKA San Diego, the tournament schedule spans from Friday afternoon to Sunday, featuring a Padel fiesta atmosphere. The event aims to showcase the excitement of Padel, build a community of players and fans, and turn every Padel court into a stage for thrilling action, reinforcing USPA's mission to spread Padel love across the nation. Read more here…

Get ready to relive the electrifying moments at the USTA National Campus - USPA 500 in Orlando, FL! In the Division 1 Men's category, the dynamic duo Fernando Alarcon & Guillermo Jimenez Cagigas claimed the top spot while Diego Leal & Jan Acevedo emerged victorious in the fiercely contested Division 2 Men's battle. The Division 1 Women's showdown witnessed the triumph of Luicelena Perez & Riva Mackie.

The court was ablaze with skill and intensity, and you can catch all the pulse-pounding highlights on The Padel Weekly's Results page. Get ready to be amazed! 🎾🌟

In a move that’s sure to make the Pro Padel League (PPL) turn up the heat, global music sensation Daddy Yankee has officially dropped the mic – and by mic, we mean a Padel racket – to introduce the Orlando Franchise, the “Flowrida Goats.” Move over sunshine, the hottest thing in Florida just became the padel court. Read more here…

Photo courtesy of The Pro Padel League

The Pro Padel League (PPL) recently announced that former USPA President Sergio Ortiz and his acclaimed crew have acquired the Houston franchise. The Volts are now officially charged up and ready to bring the heat to the PPL. With Juani Mieres taking the reins as the Sports Advisor and Diego Pezzoni as the Head Coach, this team means business. Mieres, a former World Padel Tour (WPT) No. 1, and Pezzoni, the USA Junior Padel Team Head Coach, are set to turn the Volts into a powerhouse. Read more here…

Photo courtesy of the International Padel Federation (FIP)

The heart of Asuncion, Paraguay turned into the ultimate Padel arena for the Junior World Cup, where Spain took the crown. But the real winner? Padel itself. The week was a dazzling showcase of the sport’s future, with young talents from around the world stepping up their game, making this edition the most thrilling one yet. Read more here…

Gear up for a thrilling plunge into the heart-pounding realm of live Padel showdowns! For the inside scoop and a game plan to witness all the sizzling action live, swing by The Padel Weekly's Tournament hub. Let the games begin! 🚀🎾

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