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PPL 2024's Stellar Lineup! International Padel Giants & USPA Aces

Lebrón and Galán’s Last Dance

🎾 The Pro Padel League (PPL) is poised to electrify the 2024 season, showcasing a blend of the world's finest padel talent and the stars of the United States Padel Association (USPA). With an array of international sensations and USPA standouts, the league is a beacon of high-caliber padel competition in North America.

🌍 The league has an all-star lineup that blends world-renowned sensations like Agustin Tapia and Ariana Sanchez Fallada with USPA's brightest stars, including Luis Estrada and Jordana Lujan — a testament to the thrilling evolution of padel in North America.

🤝 Beyond the dazzling display of athleticism, the PPL's inclusive approach, integrating both male and female athletes, sets a new standard in professional sports leagues. This groundbreaking initiative not only promotes gender equality but also enriches fans' experience with a diverse and thrilling competitive landscape, heralding a new era for Padel in North America.
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The USPA Senior Tournament at the USTA National Campus showcased exceptional talent across various age groups. In the women's +30 senior category, Vivian Carrillo and Teresita Mariani triumphed over Maria Dufur and Carola Quintana. The +50 senior women's title went to Veronica Costabel and Lisa M Teer, who edged out Laura Grooms and Tonya Hammond.

On the men's side, Zach Apperson and David Dukeman claimed victory in the +35 category, with Omar Herrera and Jorge Pereyra winning the +45 category. The +55 category saw Ronald Bobman and Ed Garno securing the win, highlighting a week of fierce competition and sportsmanship.

For a more in-depth look at the results of this tournament and other events, please head to The Padel Weekly's Results page.

In a thrilling chapter of their illustrious partnership, Spanish powerhouses Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán have cruised into the semifinals of the GNP México P1 Padel Tournament in Acapulco. This tournament marks a bittersweet milestone as it’s set to be their final appearance together after announcing their professional split. Read more here…

In an eye-opening revelation from RacquetX, the world’s inaugural all-racket sports festival that made its grand debut in Miami this week, comes a groundbreaking study that shines a light on the evolving landscape of racquet sports enthusiasts. Read more here…

Imagine a Padel match where the intensity never dips, and every point is a cliffhanger. That’s the vision Mark Milne, a Scotsman with a penchant for innovation in racquet sports, is bringing to life with his Thirty30 scoring system. A fresh take on Padel’s traditional scoring, Thirty30 is designed to make every match an edge-of-your-seat experience. Read more here…

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