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Play Anywhere: InstantPadel’s Innovative Courts Make Waves

Viva P1 Las Vegas!

Photo courtesy of Instantpadel

🌟 InstantPadel, led by visionary Christoffer Granfelt, is shaking up the padel world with its innovative portable courts. By eliminating the need for major groundwork and permits, InstantPadel is making it easier than ever to bring padel to any location, enabling more people to enjoy this exciting sport.

🚀 InstantPadel's unique design uses polycarbonate panels and Versacourt tiles, offering a lightweight, easily assembled alternative to traditional courts. This game-changing approach not only reduces installation time but also opens up new possibilities for urban and temporary setups, making padel more accessible.

🌍 With successful installations in over 18 countries, InstantPadel is rapidly gaining traction worldwide. From high-profile locations like Paris and New York to community spaces, their mission to make padel accessible and enjoyable for all is truly transforming the sport's landscape.
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The P1 Padel Las Vegas Open, a USPA Major event held from May 17-19, 2024, was a thrilling spectacle and a highlight of the year in the Padel community. Hosted by P1 Padel at its flagship club, this event brought together top talent and elite sponsors, creating a unique blend of entertainment, innovation, and competition.

In the 1st Division (Men), Jose Carlos Gaspar Campos and Juan Manuel Vázquez triumphed over Peter Alonso-martínez Satrústegui and Jacobo Blanco De Miguel. The 2nd Division (Men) saw Tarek Deham and Luis Guzman emerge victorious, with Sebastian Wade and Massimiliano Musi as runners-up.

For the women, Brittany Dubins and Carla Rodriguez Sanchez clinched the 1st Division title against Anna Cortiles and Marta Morga Alonso. In the 2nd Division, Karyn Kobayashi and Jillian Rich won, defeating Khadeejah Sani and Jen Buckley.

Check out our North American Results page to keep updated on the latest results on the tournaments around the USA!

RedPadel’s Circuit Season is making its way to Atlanta, with pATL hosting the event from June 7-9. This second stop of the 2024 season promises to deliver exciting competition across multiple divisions, including men’s, women’s, and open categories. Read more here…

Padel is quickly becoming a prime target for luxury brand collaborations. This surge in popularity has sportswear giants and high-end fashion houses eager to join the fun. In 2023, Adidas launched a professional Padel gear line, followed by designer brands like Prada and Versace, which released branded Padel racquets priced at $2,250 and $1,500, respectively. Earlier this year, Valentino even took over a padel court in Dubai, underscoring the sport’s luxurious appeal. Read more here…

The month of May continues to thrill with more pulse-pounding Padel matches at our Tournament Hub! Come and celebrate every point and immerse yourself in the electric energy of the game as we continue this exciting season!

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