Padel or paddling in Miami?

New CEO For Premier Padel. Padel and Pickle Coexisting.

🎾 Former tennis pro Patricio Hernandez-Pons and his partner Fernando Alarcon aim to transform a Miami River adjacent spot into a luxurious padel haven with nine courts and a clubhouse.

🎾 The Miami River Commission paused the project due to the absence of boat slips, emphasizing the need for water access on marine property.

🎾 The duo is seeking a temporary use permit for up to seven years, facing challenges due to the expired marine operating permit for docking.

This prime piece of land at 600 Northwest Seventh Avenue is right along the Seybold Canal, a stone’s throw away from the Miami River.

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🏆🎾 USPA Results Roundup

This week’s action-packed tournaments at The Woodlands Padel Club and Taktika San Diego saw champions crowned and courts ablaze. Will Agritelley and Juan Pablo Grassi Mazzuchi dominated the male arena, while Carla Romagosa I Menchon and Paula Baranano ruled the women's court. The adrenaline-fueled victories didn't stop there—Sebastian Castaneda, Guillermo Ortega, Laura Higueras, Anca Anastasiu, Abdullah Alhendi, Rakan Almuzaini, Luke Smrek, Brett Meyers, Whitney Blundell, Jillian Rich, and Juan Basilio De La Torre all made waves. Want more? Head to The Padel Weekly for the full-court press on all things Padel! 🌟🎾🔥

Ivanka Trump, the former first daughter, didn’t just make waves in politics; she’s also making quite a splash in the world of sports. This past weekend, she dazzled us with her prowess on the padel court in sunny Miami, and she didn’t miss a beat!

Taking to her Instagram stories, Ivanka treated her followers to a glimpse of her action-packed day at Reserve Padel in Miami. The 41-year-old mom-of-three showed off her athletic side as she gracefully maneuvered the sun-soaked court by the waterside.

In her snapshots (which have since disappeared, thanks to the fleeting nature of Instagram stories), Ivanka rocked a vibrant blue mini dress, paired with classic white socks and trainers. Her blonde locks were elegantly tied back in a low ponytail, cleverly tucked under a sporty white baseball cap.

Premier Padel, the world’s premier professional padel tour, is gearing up for an exciting new era, and Eno Polo is stepping into the CEO role to lead the charge. With a wealth of experience and a winning track record in the sports world, Eno is set to drive Premier Padel’s ambitious goals for sporting excellence, commercial growth, and global expansion.

Eno brings with him a vast and illustrious sports career that includes extensive experience in both padel and tennis. His journey has seen him in senior roles at Nike across Europe and North America, followed by impressive stints as the President of Havaianas EMEA and North America, President of Global Brands Group Europe, and as a senior consultant to FIFA.

Gear up, sports enthusiasts! A new era of thrilling racquet sports and family-friendly entertainment is about to dawn in the heart of New Braunfels. Say hello to The Court House, your soon-to-be favorite destination for pickleball and padel excitement, set to make its grand debut early next year!

Nestled conveniently behind Buc-ee’s on 3 sprawling acres in Solms Landing, The Court House is not your average entertainment venue—it’s a haven where the spirit of sportsmanship meets the joy of family fun. Picture this: nine pickleball courts buzzing with energy and four state-of-the-art padel courts, where enthusiasts can indulge in all manners of paddle fun!

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🎾⭐ Get your paddles ready, folks! The Padel Weekly's Tournament Calendar is sizzling with action!

  • High-energy showdown at The Padel Haus, Connecticut!

  • Thrilling USPA 250 at RCW Athletic Club Padel, Pennsylvania!

  • P1 Padel Las Vegas calls Juniors and Seniors alike!

  • The Polo Tennis Club Padel Challenge, deep in the heart of Texas!

  • An Internacional Experience at FIP Star, Puebla, Mexico!

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