Padel Fever Hits Palm Beach County!

PPL Gets Nomination! USPA Tournament Schedule Revealed! and more...

🦩 Boca Grove Country Club's recently unveiled Padel court generates enthusiasm among sports enthusiasts in Palm Beach County, marking a milestone in the region's sporting landscape.

🎾 Padel presents an exciting alternative for players, setting Boca Grove as the first club in Palm Beach County to embrace our fantastic sport.

🌴 Former USPA President Marcos Del Pilar's presence at the event added prestige, emphasizing Padel's growing significance and marking the occasion as a memorable day in Boca Raton's sports history. Read more here…

In a thrilling round-robin tournament at Bay Padel, San Francisco on December 9, the winners emerged triumphant across various categories.

In the Beginners Co-Ed group, Nicolas Incognito & Santiago Thomas claimed victory in Group 1, while Carlos Flores & Nounie Siy secured the top spot in Group 2.

The Intermediate Co-Ed category saw Fan Yang Yang & Eric Stevens leading Group 1, and Kenny Rieschick Paul & Mike Stockton emerging victorious in Group 2.

The Advanced Co-Ed division witnessed triumphs by Joey Tscherne & Alejandro Martínez Morilla in Group 1 and Sebastian Bredberg & Arthur Rohde in Group 2.

The competition showcased the skill and determination of the participants, making it a memorable event at Bay Padel.

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The Pro Padel League (PPL) received an exciting announcement as its inaugural season concluded. The league stands honored with a nomination in the prestigious World Padel Awards, specifically in the coveted “Best Innovation” category. Read more here…

As the final serves of the 2023 season are aced, the United States Padel Association (USPA) sets the stage for an unprecedented 2024 with the release of the Chosen Foods USPA Tournament Circuit schedule. Following a record-breaking year in 2023, the circuit gears up for a more exhilarating season, fueled by a surge in USPA membership and a growing passion for Padel across the nation. Read more here…

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