🌴 Miami Masters moving dates. 🌴

USPA: Hit the court and play! 🙌 New Premier plans as Otis hits Acapulco. 🏙️ And more.

⛱️ In a strategic move to ensure a fantastic Padel experience for fans and players, A1 Padel has postponed the Miami Masters tournament.

🥥 The decision was a surprise, given the publicity surrounding the seemingly successful New York City Grand Master Event. A1 Padel’s event production partner, Infinity Sports LLC, decided to postpone due to organizational reasons.

🐬 In their post, A1 Padel emphasized its commitment to transparency and fan engagement and stated they are “taking vital steps to ensure an even more spectacular event in Miami.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the new dates, as A1 Padel remains steadfast in its dedication to delivering a world-class Padel tournament in Miami.

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Excitement filled the courts at Polo Tennis Club as the USPA 100! Division 1 witnessed an exhilarating victory by the dynamic duo Enzo Frequelin and Richard Schluter, outshining the spirited efforts of runners-up Nancy Dingwall and Tres Davis. Nancy Dingwall showed her skill in competing in the make draw! In Division 2, it was a battle of skill and strategy, culminating in a triumph for Luis Gutierrez and Tres Davis, with William Boyce and Marco Diaddezio giving it their all as runners-up. The energy was contagious, and the thrill of the game was palpable!

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For clubs aspiring to be part of this thrilling odyssey, the process is straightforward. Visit the USPA website and navigate to the “News and Rankings” section. Here, a comprehensive article awaits, detailing all the necessary information for the application process. From requirements to guidelines, everything clubs need to know is outlined, ensuring a seamless entry into the world of competitive padel.

The USPA Circuit’s expansion signifies not only the growth of the sport but also the vibrant community rallying behind it. Fueled by a spirit of friendly competition and a shared passion for padel, both players and clubs are gearing up for an exceptional 2024. If your club dreams of hosting exciting tournaments and being part of a nationwide movement, the time to step up is now.

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The GNP Arena, before and after Hurricane Otis. Photo courtesy of record.com.mx

In the aftermath of Hurricane Otis, the GNP Premier Padel Mexico Major, initially set in Acapulco’s GNP Arena, faces relocation. While not officially confirmed, sources reveal it’s a serious consideration after the disaster struck Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Fernando Belasteguín, discussing his return to the courts, emphasized the impossibility of playing in Acapulco, pushing Premier Padel to seek new locations actively. The hurricane, a category five fury, hit Acapulco, leaving over 30 casualties and affecting the upscale Acapulco Diamante, which includes a sprawling hotel area and sports complex.

Game on! Connexa Sports Technologies Inc. has just scored big in the world of Padel. They’ve inked a multi-year distribution agreement that blankets all global markets for this court sports sensation. Their partner in this venture? Desarrollo y Promocion de Padel S.L., a powerhouse based in Valencia, Spain, with over 20 years of Padel expertise under their belt.

But that’s not all. Connexa isn’t just riding the Padel wave; they’re making waves. They’ve unleashed the Slinger Padel Launcher, a game-changer for Padel players worldwide. This nifty innovation, weighing in at just 19kg / 42lbs, comes packed in a wheeled trolley bag. Easy to transport and incredibly versatile, it’s a dream come true for Padel enthusiasts.

The World Of Padel Across Social Media!

Sometimes matchmaking goes horribly, horribly wrong. 🤦

Somebody tell us the cheat code for this mode ASAP. 👀🎮


This looks too fun 🔥 (via @Locals - social networking) #padel #edit #fun

Xena: Warrior Princess plays Padel. That is all, folks. ⚔️🐲🎾

Get ready to witness the clash of titans in the world of padel as the Professional Padel League (PPL) proudly presents its inaugural All-Star game for the 2023 season

Set against the picturesque backdrop of San Diego, this event promises an evening of thrilling matches, showcasing the league’s top players from the Eastern and Western Conferences.

This event is not just for padel enthusiasts; it’s a chance for everyone to witness some of the world’s best padel players and the shining stars of the PPL in action. The excitement is palpable as fans eagerly await the announcement of the starting players, which is slated for later this week.

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