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Miami Get Ready: The US Open Padel Championship is Coming Your Way!

Chingalan wins grueling 2-hour match!

🎾 Excitement builds as the inaugural US Open Padel Championships gear up to take place at Miami's Ultra Club from October 3-6, 2024. This major event is part of the Chosen Foods USPA Circuit and promises to bring together top talent for a thrilling competition.

🏆 The US Open Padel Championships will feature a robust 64-team draw in Division 1 for both men and women, showcasing the best in American Padel. USPA President Martin Sweeney highlights the event as a milestone in celebrating and elevating Padel's prominence in the USA.

🎟️ With activities extending beyond the court, the event is set to be a festival of Padel, inviting community engagement and offering comprehensive support for players. Fans and participants can expect a dynamic atmosphere of high-caliber matches and state-of-the-art facilities at this iconic location.
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The Padel Haus USPA Major Championship NYC, held from April 26 to 28, 2024, showcased some intense competition across multiple divisions. In the Men's 1st Division, Peter Alonso-martínez Satrústegui and Jacobo Blanco De Miguel clinched the title, outperforming Maximiliano Rozas and Jose Carlos Gaspar Campos. Satrústegui and De Miguel also bested the team of Nico Agritelley and Luis Estrada in the semifinals to the shock of everyone.

The 2nd Division saw Jose Sierra and Tom Fawcett defeat Anton Bobytskyi and Marco Grangeiro. Eric Rothschild and Bryan Haywood secured the 3rd Division win over John Beam and Porter Drake, while Graham Milliken and Frank Cohen triumphed in the 4th Division against Peter Wallace and Jose Zegarra.

For the Women's 1st Division, the fantastic Brittany Dubins and Ana Maria Cabrejas bested the incredible duo of Egle Petrauskaite and Jordi Lujan. A feat that has never been done in recent memory. Annicris Garcia and Leah Pascarella emerged victorious in the 2nd Division, overcoming Magdalena Kala and Rosa Jimenez Cano.

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In an illuminating session with The Padel Weekly, founder and visionary Andres Robelo from Playbypoint shared how a personal inconvenience turned into a groundbreaking enterprise in the racquet sports industry. Established in 2016, Playbypoint was born out of Robelo’s frustration with local clubs' antiquated court booking systems. Read more here…

In a stunning turn of events, the duo of Federico Chingotto and Alejandro Galán, affectionately dubbed ‘Chingalan,’ clinched victory in a grueling match that lasted over two and a half hours. Despite facing five match points against them, the pair displayed remarkable resilience. Read more here…

Martin Levy, co-founder of Padelistes, shared an insightful look into the inception and rise of Padelistes, a club that has quickly become a beacon for Padel enthusiasts in Paris, France. With its unique blend of Mexican flair and Parisian sophistication, Padelistes is not just a sports facility—it’s a cultural phenomenon enriching the city’s vibrant sports landscape. Read more here…

May begins with a series of thrilling Padel matches at our Tournament Hub! Experience the excitement as the month kicks off with top players showcasing their skills in heart-pounding matches. Come and join the dynamic atmosphere, celebrate every point, and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the game as we begin an electrifying season!

Discover how John Terry, former Chelsea and England captain, adapts his legendary defensive skills to the Padel court in the latest episode of The Padel School's series. This video focuses on JT's volleying technique, showing whether his prowess on the football field translates to mastering shots at the net in Padel. Don't miss out on this unique blend of football and Padel expertise.

Click on the video to see John Terry in action and perhaps pick up some tips to enhance your own game! Watch now and see how a football legend handles the Padel court.

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