Iconic Padel Tournament in NYC

Legends become Stingrays. A Razr sharp sponsorship. And more.

🍎 Central Park's Wollman Rink has transformed into a padel battleground. Pro players compete in thrilling matches day and night, including evening sessions under city lights.

🍎 The intense matches kicked off on Oct 9 with first-round games, and are leading to heart-pounding quarterfinals on Oct 13, nail-biting semifinals on Oct 14, and the grand finale on Oct 15.

🍎 Padel, the global sensation, arrives in NYC. With 10 million enthusiasts in the US, it's even more popular than in Spain! Tickets range from $25 to $300; catch the action on ESPN! 🎾🌃

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If you want a booming smash and more spin, go for a lower, looser grip. It allows for greater wrist action, adding extra oomph to your shots.

We’re about to dive into some padel tips and tricks that aren’t often discussed but can make all the difference on the court. These are the hidden gems that savvy players use to turn the tide in their favor. Let’s get started with these three super-secret padel strategies!

🏆🎾 USPA Results Roundup

In the heart of NYC Padel Haus, the USPA 500 sizzled with intense matches, showcasing top-tier skills and unexpected triumphs. Philip Osses-konig and Chris Humphreys aced their game, securing the Division I Male title, while Maria Magraner Grau and Anna Cortiles Tapia dominated in Division I Female. Over in Houston, Andres Nunez Soza and Iker Arizpe snagged victory in Division I Male, proving their prowess on the court. From high-stakes rallies to fierce smashes, the North American Padel scene is alive with excitement! 🌟🎾🔥

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In a move that’s set to reshape the PPL landscape, the Stingrays are bringing in two titans of the padel world. Maxi Sanchez, a seasoned pro with an impressive career spanning 18 seasons, is known for his fierce determination and unmatched skills. With 22 World Padel Tour tournament victories and multiple championship wins for Argentina, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Joining him is the legendary Miguel Lamperti, a player whose name resonates with anyone familiar with padel. Lamperti boasts a remarkable World Top 10 ranking from 2007 to 2019, peaking at World Number 2 in 2009. His 2016 World Championship win with the Argentina national team solidified his status as a padel icon.

The new Motorola Razr 2023 lineup

Why is Motorola joining this racquet revolution? Simple – to introduce Padel, the fastest growing participation sport globally, to the passionate sports fans in the US. As the Official Telecommunications Partner of A1 Padel, Motorola is not just a sponsor; they’re becoming a part of the Padel experience.

At each match venue, Motorola will create a buzzing hotspot for fans. Need a charge for your phone? They’ve got you covered. Fancy testing your own racquet skills in a ping pong match? Game on! Plus, you can get hands-on with Motorola’s latest Razr family devices, experiencing cutting-edge tech right in the midst of all the sporting action.

Picture this: 150 acres of sheer opulence, nestled along the scenic Intracoastal Waterway. At its heart lies an 18-hole private golf course, a masterpiece designed by the legendary Greg Norman, spanning 7,254 yards. No tee times, a top-tier caddy program, and a layout that immerses you in the essence of the game. It’s golfing paradise redefined!

Members gain access to the exclusive Shell Bay Yacht Club, boasting a private marina with 48 slips, offering direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. The racquet club? It features hard, clay, and grass courts, plus spaces for pickleball and padel enthusiasts. And when you’re ready to unwind, the member’s pavilion awaits, with spas, social rooms, and a pro shop.

The World Of Padel Across Social Media!

Time to step up 👣, show out 👀, and head to the court! 🎾 More info here.

Join us at Wollman Rink for the A1 Padel Grandmaster Tournament! It’s on until the 15th. Experience the thrill of Padel! Let the games begin! 🏅🏓

You need to add this activity to your New York City Bucketlist!🎾 Playing Padel is so much fun and such a great sport to get you moving and... See more

Estrada and Agritelley debut for A1 in NYC with a MONUMENTAL W! 🎉🍾🥳

⭐ Prepare your paddles, everyone! The Tournament Calendar of Padel Weekly is heating up with excitement!

  • High-energy showdown at The Padel Haus, Connecticut!

  • Thrilling USPA 250 at RCW Athletic Club Padel, Pennsylvania!

  • The Polo Tennis Club Padel Challenge, deep in the heart of Texas!

  • An Internacional Experience at FIP Star, Puebla, Mexico!

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