High-octane action at iPadel Houston! 🎾 🏁

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💸 Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager bring their infectious energy to the Padel court at Reserve in Manhattan’s Hudson Yards, diving into the exhilarating sport headfirst and sparking a buzz in the sports world.

🗽 The Today Show's dynamic duo showcases their paddle skills at Reserve, infusing the Padel court with palpable energy and enthusiasm, creating a sporting spectacle beyond a simple match.

🏖️ In a thrilling face-off at Reserve, Hoda and Jenna learn the art of Padel, proving that their match was not just a game but a perfect combination of sportsmanship and enthusiasm. Read more here… 

In a whirlwind of racquet-smashing action, the iPadel USPA 1000 in Houston, TX, and the TAKTIKA PADEL USPA 500 in San Diego recently crowned their champions, leaving the crowd in awe.

In the fierce division 1 men’s category at iPadel, the dynamic duo of Luis Estrada & Nico Agritelley claimed victory. In a stacked women’s division 1 category, Egle Petrauskaite & Jordi Lujan took home the gold. At Taktika, it was Sebastian Castaneda and Elliot Carnello earning the top men’s spot, whilst Laura Higueras and Mariluz Rojo Domingo dominated in the women’s division 1.

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The indoor Padel court111 West 57th Street. Photo by Adrian Gaut.

Get ready to ace your lifestyle because padel courts are serving up excitement in luxury residential projects across the U.S. From the bustling streets of New York City to the sunny shores of Miami, the fast-paced sport of padel is sweeping the nation, becoming the latest must-have amenity in the world of upscale living. Read more here…

An architect's mock-up of Padel Point Miami.

Miami Beach’s northern end might soon become a hotspot for Padel enthusiasts as plans for a brand-new Padel court on Normandy Isle are making waves. On November 13, the city’s Design Review Board will dive into the details of a vibrant project proposed for 1960 Normandy Drive. Currently, it’s just a parking lot with a few small utility buildings. However, Padel Point Miami LLC, led by the dynamic duo Sebastian Romero and Karina Riskin, has big plans for the location. Read more here…

An architect's mock-up of the Banfor Padel & Pickleball Complex.

Exciting news is making waves in Branford as the Planning and Zoning Commission gives a resounding thumbs-up to a groundbreaking indoor/outdoor pickleball and padel complex at 61 East Industrial Road. This vibrant 21,760-square-foot hub is set to be the go-to spot for court sports enthusiasts, marking a new chapter in Branford’s athletic scene. Read more here…

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