Team USA Conquers Pan American Championship!

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Photo courtesy of The United States Padel Association (USPA)

🏆Under the sun-soaked skies of Cancun, Mexico, Team USA has secured a historic victory at the Pan Americano Libres Championship, marking their inaugural success at this esteemed Padel tournament. The picturesque backdrop of Cancun adds to the significance of this milestone, making it a memorable moment in the annals of American Padel.

🥇 Team USA's triumph is more than just a trophy; it stands as a resounding testament to the exceptional journey of American Padel. Fueled by unparalleled skill and determination, the athletes showcased their prowess on the court, outshining tough opponents from Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil in a fiercely competitive tournament. This victory solidifies Team USA's standing in the global Padel arena.

🇺🇸 Beyond the glory of the win, this achievement symbolizes the phenomenal coaching, unwavering spirit, and steadfast support that has propelled Team USA's narrative. The triumph in Cancun is rewriting the pages of American padel history, signifying a pivotal moment that shapes the evolving landscape of the sport. Congratulations to Team USA on this remarkable accomplishment! Read more here…

The 2023 Padel Junior World Cup was an absolute padel palooza, and guess who stole the spotlight? None other than Spain, securing a hat-trick victory with a dazzling 3-0 triumph against Argentina in both the men's and women's finals. Paraguay transformed into the ultimate padel arena, showcasing not only Spain's dominance but also the global rise of padel's young talents. Luigi Carraro, FIP President, summed it up perfectly: "This junior world championship was unique, incredible, beautiful…" A toast to Spanish prowess, Paraguay's stellar hosting, and the thrilling future of Padel! ¡Vamos padel!

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From November 13 to 17, Andrea Samson and Anderson Good, American professional padel athletes, joined forces with Athletica Vaticana for an incredible experience dedicated to the Holy See, including a special meeting with the Holy Father on November 15. Read more here…

Photo courtesy of EIN Presswire

Hold on to your padel rackets, Miami! The game just got a whole lot stronger and safer as Padelgest, the maestro of high-end padel courts, unveils the world’s first super panoramic anti-hurricane padel court right in the heart of Magic City. Read more here…

Photo courtesy of The Hexagon Cup

Eva Longoria, the powerhouse behind the iconic Desperate Housewives, is not just a force on the silver screen; she’s taking her game to the padel court. Meet Eleven Eleven Team USA, the franchise she’s launching to conquer the Hexagon Cup in January and February 2024. Read more here…

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Ever found yourself in the pickle of having an easy-floating ball on your side but clueless about how to wrap it up neatly? Fear not! The Padel School has got your back. Dive into the art of the slice, go low, and aim straight for the sweet spot down the center of the court – it's the secret sauce to acing those seemingly simple shots. Who among your padel pals could use a finishing touch? Click on the video to watch!

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