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TPW Exclusive: Simon Davison and P1 Padel!

🏆 At the heart of Miami Beach, the RacquetX conference is poised to set the racquet sports world alight from March 24-26, 2024. This inaugural event promises to be a landmark gathering for industry professionals and enthusiasts, blending innovation with tradition in a celebration like no other.

🌟 With an impressive roster of 42 speakers, including luminaries from the world of racquet sports, RacquetX offers unparalleled insights and inspiration. Notable figures such as Katrina Adams and Marcos Del Pilar will take the stage, promising to spark discussions and ignite passion among attendees.

🎾 Beyond the talks and presentations, RacquetX invites attendees to experience the thrill of racquet sports firsthand with nine multi-sport courts. This unique opportunity allows participants to dive into the action, trying out new equipment, and embrace the joy and camaraderie that comes with playing the sports they love.
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The USPA Senior Key Biscayne tournament, held from March 7th - 10th, showcased the prowess of seasoned padel players across various age groups. In the men's categories, champions emerged in the +35, +45, and +55 brackets, with Franklin Ovalles & Renny Vega, Rodolfo Rake & Marco Mazzotta, and Esteban Aloia & Claudio Lopez clinching the titles, respectively.

The women's competitions were equally competitive, with Carla Baez & Carolina Gregorio and Veronica Liz Costabel & Teresita Mariani triumphing in the +30 and +40 senior categories.

For a more in-depth look at the results of this tournament, as well as other events, please head to The Padel Weekly's Results page.

Original image from Simon Davidson/P1 Padel

In an exclusive interview with The Padel Weekly, Simon Davison, the visionary behind P1 Padel, shared insights into his extraordinary journey from a Padel enthusiast to pioneering one of Las Vegas’s most vibrant sports communities. Read more here…

Original image from The Pro Padel League (PPL)

The Pro Padel League (PPL) is gearing up for an exciting start to the 2024 season on April 2nd in Miami, with team groupings and schedules for PPL Event 1 now unveiled. Read more here…

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