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  • Chile and San Diego Clash in Epic 2024 America’s Cup Final Showdown!

Chile and San Diego Clash in Epic 2024 America’s Cup Final Showdown!

PPL doing 2 events in Miami! A Padel AND Pickleball Court? And More!

Original image from RedPadel

🏆 Chile's historic win at the 2024 America's Cup marked a pivotal moment in the world of padel, as they secured their first championship title, demonstrating the skill and teamwork that sets them apart.

🌍 This victory places Chile alongside Miami as elite winners of the America's Cup, emphasizing the sport's global appeal and the competitive spirit that drives teams to excel on the international stage.

🎾 The win not only highlights Chile's emerging dominance in padel but also signals the sport's growing popularity, with the America's Cup serving as a platform for showcasing talent and fostering international camaraderie.
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At the TEXAS 1000 USPA hosted by The RGV Padel Club, the competition was fierce across both men's and women's divisions, showcasing a wealth of talent. In the 1st Division for men, Luis Estrada and Nico Agritelley emerged as winners, demonstrating exceptional skill and teamwork.

The women's divisions were equally competitive, with Marta Morga Alonso and Adriana Perez taking the top spot in the 1st Division, highlighting the growing prowess in women's padel. Each division saw close matches, underlining the depth of talent and the sport's expanding community in America.

For an in-depth look at the thrilling outcomes, edge-of-your-seat finals, and key performers from The RGV Padel Club - TEXAS 1000 USPA, swing by The Padel Weekly's results section!

Original image from The Pro Padel League (PPL)

Kicking off the PPL season, the Ultra Club will play host to PPL Event 1 from April 2nd to 7th, closely followed by PPL Event 2 from April 9th to 14th. This year, the Pro Padel League has revamped its schedule to pack in more weekend matches, allowing fans to soak in the thrilling atmosphere and witness the pinnacle of Padel play under the vibrant Miami skies. Read more here…

Original image from Padel Park Aventura

This initiative, led by Virgilio Namnum of Padel Park Aventura LLC and backed by a lease agreement with Cardon Capital, promises to address the growing demand for Padel facilities in South Florida. Unlike the more common tennis and pickleball courts found in public parks, padel courts are a rarity – a gap Namnum is keen to fill. Read more here…

Original image from Instantpadel

In a groundbreaking move poised to redefine the court sports landscape, Instantpadel, in collaboration with Versacourt, has unveiled an innovative solution that bridges the worlds of padel and pickleball. Read more here…

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The World Of Padel Across Social Media!

Legendary Soccer Star Zidane seen swinging Padel racquets with Ale Galan!

Imagine lobbing Padel balls from a chopper! 😮🚁🎾

We all have that one friend. 🙄 Nice bike, though. 🏍️

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