Building Padel Courts in Your Backyard with Eric Loftus

Padel Haus sets its sights to the West

🏆 Eric Loftus from Northeast Padel reveals how the growing interest in Padel transforms backyard spaces into premium sports courts. "Quality is paramount in everything we do," Loftus emphasizes, showcasing their commitment to top-tier installations and customer satisfaction.

🌟 As the demand for residential padel courts rises, Loftus notes, "Padel courts are about a third the size of tennis courts, making them suitable for more backyards." This adaptability and the allure of playing Padel at home has spurred a significant trend among affluent and well-traveled individuals

🌱 Addressing the installation challenges, Loftus highlights the importance of maintaining existing landscapes and ensuring compliance with local regulations. "Installing the concrete slab for the court can be disruptive, but it's a necessary step for a stable installation," he explains, underscoring their meticulous approach to each project.
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The RGV PADEL CLUB - USPA SENIOR / JUNIOR tournament from May 10th to 12th featured intense matches across several categories.

In the +35 Senior Men's category, Juan Carlos Pérez González and José Francisco López emerged victorious, while Alvaro Silva Perez and Daniel De La Cruz were runners-up.

Francisco Diaz and Daniel De La Cruz clinched the +45 Senior Men's title, with Manuel Avina and Gustavo Rico as runners-up.

The -18 Junior category saw Iñaki Cruz and Diego De La Cruz taking the top spot, followed by Gustavo V Rico and Pablo Avina.

In the +30 Senior Women's category, Sandra Navarro and Tamara Jimenez secured the win, with Arlene Noel Moreno Ramirez and Samantha Garcia Parrao finishing second.

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Padel Haus, the leading American padel operator, proudly announces the opening of its newest club in Denver, Colorado. Padel Haus Denver signifies the company’s expansion into the Western region, making it their fifth announced permanent club (and sixth overall). Read more here…

RedPADEL Rating (RPR) and PlaySight have entered into a strategic partnership, promising to revolutionize how padel enthusiasts engage with the sport. This collaboration marries RedPADEL’s leading rating system in the U.S. with PlaySight’s cutting-edge AI and analytics technology, setting a new standard in sports performance analysis. Read more here…

The P1 Padel Las Vegas Open, from May 17th to 19th, has announced a stellar lineup of sponsors including Playbypoint, Slazenger Padel, Estrella Galicia, Nox Sports USA, Osaka World, Escapology, Padel Travel Club, Sportsfield Specialties, and more. The event promises an exciting blend of sports, entertainment, and innovation. Tickets are available now for what is set to be a premier padel event in the US. Read more here…

The month of May heats up with more thrilling Padel matches at our Tournament Hub! Come and join the dynamic atmosphere, celebrate every point, and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the game as we continue this exciting season!

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